October 9, 2008

A Plant? Really?

Shooting plants is usually on the very bottom of things I like to shoot. Plants, for one, are cliche. It's like that flower photo on your mom's bathroom wall... it's pretty, but who cares (that's the journalism bias in me)? I took this photo for Art class, and while yes, it's a plant, I think the fact that there is a hand in the photo elevates it some, but I fear that it is still cliche. The bird photo may be more interesting. Look at those raptor like talons.

edit** After looking at the photos again I am drawn more to the plant photo... the way the hand wraps around the soil somehow works for me.


Anytime I walk past a mirror this ends up happening. After a summer of shooting hundreds of photos every day, I find myself shooting much less, but thinking about photography more. I've been thinking a lot about what is after college and whether or not I'll actually make a living doing photojournalism. Looking at the current state of things... I probably won't be. But I'm very okay with that. Maybe it wasn't meant to be my day job. Nevertheless, I am very thankful to have the journalism skill set. I still have a love for documentary photography.

October 2, 2008

More Water

Justin. For ART-297d. Art is strange. You don't wait for hours for a good moment, like in that other endeavor, photojournalism. You make something happen. In this case, I had one brother dump a bucket of water on my other brother. To be fair, I did buy Justin some delicious ice cream afterward.