February 13, 2010


During the first match shot at the Dow Corning Tennis Classic I was stressed trying to figure out how to shoot tennis. During the second, I loosened up, and in my third I tried to experiment with a few new angles. Sunday I hope I can put what I've learned into practice for the championship match.

In the three matches I've covered so far there hasn't been a whole lot of emotion. No cheers or tears. That may change during the championship match.

February 3, 2010


I watched the very first episode of the first season of Lost on TV. I think I was hooked at the scene where the pilot gets ripped out of the plane and Jack, Kate and Charlie run for their lives through the jungle. Anyway, tonight has been a long time coming. Lost has lasted through my college years, and I'm a little sad that it will all be over this year. I'm sure you'll see another blog post come up when the final episode rolls around. Thanks Nathan and Kelly for having me over to kick off the final season!