November 29, 2010

Cabby O'Neill

This Saturday Jasper was kickin' it old school (well... isn't it always?) with a throwback game at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium. The gym is vintage 1930's and was just restored this past year. My friend and photographer Jake May was visiting me this past week so we drove the two city blocks from my house to the gym and shot it up.


November 23, 2010


[Southridge junior Emily Braunecker, left, watched the end of the girls junior varsity basketball game with Southridge cheerleaders juniors Brook Kilian, Jaclyn Altstadt, Alyssa Gehlhausen and senior Rachel Hanebutt on Monday at Memorial Gym in Huntingburg. Both the Southridge girls junior varsity and varsity basketball teams topped the visiting Boonville Pioneers.]

November 21, 2010

The (Children's) Nutcracker

As soon as I stepped backstage and saw Little Bo Peep and her "lost" sheep I knew that I had my photo. I had to wait a while for it though. It was quite a chaotic scene with Arabian princesses, angels, and little ballerinas running around. It could have been visual overload but I kept coming back to the little sheep. While waiting for her turn to dance Bo Peep scooped one up and held her just long enough for me to snap off a few frames.


November 1, 2010


Spent all of Saturday following the three local bands that made it to state. Made for an early morning, but there were plenty photos to made. Emotions were running high and I don't think I've ever seen more tears at one event. First, fourth, or ninth place, it didn't matter... endings are rough.

Also, I looked at the stats for my blog, and is it really possible that I have 1,000 page views from Australia? Doubt it.