November 22, 2011

6:18 a.m.

I woke up to my phone ringing. I thought it was my alarm and I didn't answer. When I looked at the screen I saw the missed call from Ralph (editor). Not good. At 6:18 it could only be spot news. I called back and got the report of the accident. "People still inside and climbing out of a car on M-20." "Alright, I'll check it out..." Often it's a wild goose chase. But you never know.

I drove by the scene it didn't look like much, so I didn't plan on stopping. On my second pass I saw a car on its side so I found a parking spot a few hundred yards up on a side road and carefully walked along the shoulder to the scene.  There was no ambulance and police officers were pretty relaxed. A good sign. I took this shot and was getting ready to leave when the officer in the photo told me there was headed to a fatal car/pedestrian accident across town. "Here we go again..."

I headed there, shot it quick, and headed back to the office to layout the page on deadline.



Bullock Crek Eq.

This is the final edit from the Bullock Creek equestrian story I did on the team earlier this fall. I followed the team through two competitions held at the Midland County Fairgrounds this year. The team was great to hang with and the access was good. I always looked forward to my time at the fairgrounds, even if it meant a little less sleep bone chilling fall mornings.


November 15, 2011


From a fruitless feature hunt in New Hampshire one snowy afternoon last January. Can you tell I'm going through the hard drive?


Snow on the mind

I'll miss New Hampshire's sunny winter days, but with a killer snow forecast this year we'll see what Michigan can come up with.

[NH. Jan. 2011.]

November 14, 2011

Living life

On Sunday I got to see Zach and Sarah, two of my best friends from high school. I stood in their wedding a few years ago, but lost touch with them while I tromped around the states on internships. I also got to see Matt, another buddy from high school. We shot a few clays and then I shot a few photos of Zach as he sighted in his gun for opening day.

I love Michigan.


November Sky


November 9, 2011

On the desk (round two)

A few more of my A1 layouts from the desk shift. I'm getting to the point where I can bang out a page in a half hour, but I've caught going to my 'safe' layouts when the pressure is on. Like with anything else, a little planning goes a long way.