March 21, 2014

Lancer pride

For the second year in a row the Lady Lancers battled to the state semifinal game.  And, like last year, they fell short of their ultimate goal. Still, as a photo staff we enjoyed watching their run at the title.  Maybe next year....

March 18, 2014


I'm not sure who started it, but Crankers became our late night refuge when I was in school.  I like the fact that it's almost never busy, and that it's almost always open.  Sean, Justin and I stopped by after rock climbing the other day.

Winter Scene

I make a conscious effort each winter to avoid complaining about the weather as much as the next guy.  I understand that talking about the weather is way to relate to people and acknowledge what we all have in common.  The snow falls on the good and the bad.  It's the ultimate common denominator.  So it's natural to bring up the "horrible" weather in conversation.  The snow.  The shoveling the driveway for the eighteenth time.  The car accidents.  The sub 20 degree days.  It's common.  And to be honest, I often use it as an icebreaker while on assignment.

But like warm summer days at the beach, there is a beauty to winter too.  It's different. There is a sharpness to it.  And I fear that in focusing on the negative we'll miss that.  Some of the best times I've had this year was snowboarding down a mountain in New Hampshire with my brother and best friends.

I don't want to paint a false reality either.  It would be wrong to gloss over the real pain that weather can cause.  I went to a fatal car accident and a fully engulfed house fire recently that were both due to the frigid temperatures.

I guess my hope is that as we long for summer, we won't miss what today has to offer.  And, since spring starts this week, maybe I'm making a moot point anyway.