August 31, 2010

Get Ready...

...for lots more football. This weekend is Jasper's first home football game which I'm looking forward to shooting. And as a bonus the field is within a frisbee throw from my house.


Big Wheelin'

(Sadie Waddell, 4, of Jasper, sat poised to go on her big wheel during the Strassenfest big wheel race held in the Square.)

Starting Again

After a long hiatus I think it's time to start up on the blog again. This past week I've been in Michigan with my family (which will be a blog post in itself). It was a great break and I'm excited to be back making photos again. This is the start of a new season, and a time to take stock to see what changes need to happen to make the most of autumn in Dubois county.

(Nicole Epple, 12, of St. Anthony, played the playground at the St. Anthony Fireman's Fest on Saturday while music from "Acoustically Yours" pumped out over the crowd. The proceeds from the annual one day festival went to support the fire department.)