September 17, 2012

Blues Brothers

I had to go looking for a file photo today for a special section and I found this band feature that I never turned in.  It's from a Bullock Creek football game last year.  I'm sure I could fill the blog for weeks with "never before seen" photos.  It's interesting how my taste changes over time.

CMU vs. State

September 7, 2012


This is the first frame shot on the new Nikon D4 I just received for work.  I've only had it 24 hours and I am already in awe of its low light shooting capacity.  I remember using a Canon Rebel (the original rebel, not the XT) for the majority of my photo stories I shot in journalism school and being frustrated at my grainy frames when I shot anything over 800 ISO.  This was shot at 3200.  Hard to believe.  I'm extremely grateful to work at a paper that still values its photographers enough to supply us with gear.

[Sean and Leah on the computer just before Obama's acceptance speech at the DNC]