July 28, 2010


These are the ones that didn't make the cut for Saturday. Some of them were for other fair stories published during the week, or were published in our online galleries. Also, a lot of these were shot using similar lensing (can you say 24mm?) so for variety purposes they were left out. This will be my last post from the fair. I think...


Before going out Justin told me there were two ways to shoot this. 1: stand back with a 300, or 2: get in there. I chose the latter, and ended up as muddy as the kids. It was a blast and well worth it for the experience.

4H Layout

The Dubois County 4-H Fair week is a rite of passage for interns at The Herald. Or rather, any photographer that works here. We cover the fair extensively during the week and publish a Saturday Feature of fair happenings at the end. Between Dave, Krista, and myself, one of us could usually be found at the fair feature hunting during the day.

Here is the final product of a lot of sweat (literally), and a great effort by the staff. A special shout out to Olivia, our writing intern, who probably logged as much time at the fair as the photo staff combined. Hope you enjoy! Pig wrestling was on Friday this year, so we couldn't include it in the Saturday edit, so I'll blog about that muddy experience separately.