January 31, 2010

Hide and Seek

Remember what it's like to be 11?

Balloon Boy

This is probably my favorite photo from Tip Up Town, an ice fishing festival in Houghton Lake.


This is from wrestling meet at Meridian High School. It was the first time I've shot wrestling for Midland, but I think it went alright. About midway through the meet I got slammed with a caffeine headache. Maybe it's time to lay off the coffee for awhile?

January 12, 2010

Edit. Edit. Edit.

I've been editing photos for MPPA over the last few days. Here's another from the Mountain Workshops last October.

January 8, 2010

High School Drama

I've been shooting a lot of basketball recently (four games last week) and the girl's games definitely stood out. The guys games seemed pretty chill in comparison. Thursday night's girl's game between the undefeated Freeland Falcons and the Bullock Creek Lancers was all passion. The Falcons lost after missing a free throw that would have tied the game with five seconds left on the clock. The player that missed the free throw is in the bottom photo. I felt for her. Win or lose, undefeated or 6-1, it all hung in the balance as the basketball arced through the air. Drama.


While photographing a Northwood basketball game I got distracted by the reflective surface under the net.

January 2, 2010

In the dark

When dad got a memo that suggested turning off overhead lights to conserve energy during the day, he took it to heart. Just another reason why I look up to him so much.

January 1, 2010

A little vignette...

What a DX lens looks like on a D3. No Photoshop tricks here.

New Year's Day Sheep

My assignment today was to photograph the Hermans sisters doing chores. All three have won the 4-H State Award for Achievement. Only one award is passed out each year, so it's pretty remarkable that all three have received the honor. Karley, 23, (below) won it in 2004, followed by Kacy, 21, in 2006 and Alexsandra, 19, in 2009.