November 25, 2009

Half a Story

At the Mountain Workshop I drew a story about a rodeo happening at Murray State University. I contacted the rodeo coach and met a few members of the team that afternoon. We only got 600 photos for the week, so I didn't take any right away. I wanted to narrow down the story to follow just one or two of the cowboys through the week.

While waiting around for practice to start, a horse pulled back on a fence crushing Will Stites' pinky finger. I followed him back through the rodeo arena to the restroom where he ran some water over his finger and I made my first photo (the first one below). He's used to pain. Last year he broke his hand, ankle, and collar bone riding broncs. I ended up doing the story about his roommate Ian, a rodeo clown, but here is a mini essay on Will.

Cute Kids and Fuzzy Bears... the Santa Parade. I got to the Midland High parking lot around 8:15 to take photos of some Red Cross volunteers gathering Christmas cards for our military men and women overseas. I saw Sam and Jake in their bear suits on my way to the Red Cross truck and made a mental note to return later. The Red Cross volunteers were a fun crew and after getting a few photos of them I turned my attention back to the bears. I also ran across stars, angels and a guy in a giant chicken suit (no photo on that one sorry).

November 9, 2009


Same people, two very different moments.


a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition