July 26, 2008


Dan Stewart told me I'd get sick of camp photography. You were right Dan, in part. I don't enjoy taking "canned" photos of 11-year-olds smiling, or having to meet a daily quota. And I'm not consistently shooting photos that I'm happy with. But I can't blame that entirely on the job. I'm just not making the time in the business that is camp. I am loving Colorado. And there are a lot of good moments here. The camp environment is great, I just wish I was out there more, and in here (the office) less. I need to work harder on scheduling my time to make that happen.

July 22, 2008

Saw Me a Bare

Tonight Kyle, James, Chris, Brennan and I made a trek to the "bear pit." True to tradition, we saw two monster black bears. Brennan and I stalked them through the woods taking photos. I could be a nature photographer yet.

July 18, 2008

The Roommate (summer edition)

Brennan Metzler, nature photographer. This is my roommate and one of my coworkers for the summer. We work well together, and complement each other with our skill sets. For instance, he shoots landscapes (see brennanmetzler.com) while I focus more on moments between people. He also does a sick job with sports action. Maybe it has something to do with his winter job as a snowboard instructor at Keystone.

July 15, 2008

Canada Two

Last weekend I climbed Long's Peak (a 14er) with Eric. In high school, we climbed peaks in the Wind River Range and went canoing in Canada. It's only natural that we should find ourselves working at camps in Colorado just 10 minutes apart. He's leading trips and I'm taking photos. Go figure, eh?