November 24, 2015


When I started taking photography seriously in high school many friends asked me if I wanted to do nature photography. I smiled politely as they asked, "Do you want to work for National Geographic?" Yes, yes I would. But not to shoot nature (though I did do that internship in Denali National Park...). I am too interested in people and their stories to focus solely on nature. But now, ten years later I find myself assigned fairly routinely to cover the weather. The destructive power of the wind or the beauty of the first snowfall. And I love it. It is a mental break from documenting the horror of the crimes that people commit against each other or the fires that leave people without a home. I'm thankful for the part of the job that allows me to capture nature scenes and show them to others. Here are a few photos from this fall.

November 23, 2015

Annnnnd that's a wrap

Football is over. (For me anyway.)  Here are some of my favorites from the season.